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Captaining is the biggest contribution you can make to this project. Maximizing the environmental sustainability of your personal choices is fantastic, but one human can only do so much. By signing up to be a captain, you can grow your impact with the number of people you invite.

We provide

  • a list of actions, supported by the best available research
  • tools and recommendations to help you coordinate and encourage your crew
  • compelling visualizations to track and celebrate your impact

We also give you a reason—a pretext, maybe even an excuse—to have hard conversations about unsustainable, short-sighted social norms like consumerism, meat-eating, and frequent plane travel and the facts to justify your stance. The more of us are visibly committed to this project, the easier it becomes for others to join. This is how we start to make a difference on climate change together.

We need to know your name and email so we can tell your friends who you are when you invite them to join your crew. (We promise not to spam you.)