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Spaceship Earth is a volunteer-driven project created by a group of friends who are concerned about climate change. We want to take positive action that leads to real change. More importantly, we want to inspire and enable others to do the same.


Ping us and let us know how you can help!

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Our community is new, but you can help make it grow!

We need help!

This is a large project and we're currently building it in our spare time. We need help with almost everything. Some examples of areas where we could use your help:

Design and user experience
We are mostly engineers, and would love help making this site friendly and useable for every human on the planet. We need user stories to categorize the types of people likely to end up here. We need to figure out how to build the site to enable them to succeed. How do we inspire your vegan friend, your grandmother, and your cranky neighbor without turning anyone off?
Impact research
We want to quantify the impact that missions here have on the planet. For instance, how much CO2 is saved by eating an additional vegetarian meal once a week? Other groups have tried to quantify this (Project Drawdown is a big inspiration), but not usually on a personal or small-group level. If you are familiar with the research literature and have modeling experience, you could help.
Graphic design
What is the visual language of this project? How do we make it look good as well as be usable? If you love to push pixels, you can help!
We need a lot of writing. What do the emails we send to captains look like? How do we describe ourselves and what we're trying to do? How do we justify the missions that we create? Besides text, we could use content in other formats, especially videos. If you are a wizard with a word processor or a vibrant videographer, get in touch!
Marketing and Social Media
This project will not work if nobody uses it, and nobody will use it if nobody knows about it. How do we tell people about it? We could also use your skills with modern media to help spread the word. If you have ideas for individual campaigns, that might be a good self-contained way to help. Even better if you want to be the person coordinating our social-media outreach.
Everything we are working on is open-source! This site is developed in GitHub and we have an updated list of issues that you could just pluck off the stack. We welcome your PRs!
Local partners
We would like to create missions oriented around participating in local organizations. For instance, what if a crew could go clean up a local beach, or build trails at a local park? We also want to send pop-up missions whenever climate-relevant legislation comes up in cities or states. However, we're all based in NorCal, and have little knowledge of your local organizations or issues. If you'd like to be a local partner for us, please ping us. We are in the very early stages of our organization and don't have any formal processes in place, but we will find a way to keep in touch with everyone.
We have a vision and the passion to make it happen, but lack experience turning a project like this into a thriving organization and extended community. If you have experience with similar organizations, we could use your help. How do we organize ourselves? How do we get more people involved and keep them involved and motivated? Should we try to raise money? Become a nonprofit or partner with an existing nonprofit? Should we create a budget and start paying people? We appreciate your expertise!
Science Advisers
We want to make sure that we're giving people the best information possible. Do you have concerns about anything we're saying? We could use people with real knowledge of the climate space to keep us on the straight-and-narrow. Please let us know if you notice that anything we suggest or claim is dubious or needs additional caveats we've failed to mention. We want to fix it!

“ Anything else you are interested in is not going to happen if you cannot breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out! Do something! You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet. ”